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Integrated Yoga Program for Institutions

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Integrated Yoga for Institutions is a unique initiative by Dakshin Yoga Kendra, Yoga training Center Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, to bring Yoga to students at the right age.

Dakshin Yoga Kendra has designed an Integrated campus yoga course which comprises Pranayama, Yoga asana and Meditation. This is the great opportunity for institutions to provide real essence of yoga to the students to enhance their physical and mental strength. Also, this will ensure better performance in education and social effectiveness.

School Campus Program

Yoga helps prepare students for a long day with the right energy and perfect attitude.

College Campus Program

Yoga helps in balancing the hormones which is the need of the hour for teenagers.

University Campus Program

Yoga asanas have proven to boost positive energy, confidence and happiness.


Benefits & Outcomes

Yoga for Schools, Colleges, Universities


Why Yoga for Students

Schooling is the right age to get oneself accustomed to Yoga. This would help students adapt Yoga as a lifestyle which will help train their mind to be open, positive and cheerful throughout their life.

A student who does Yoga every day would be able to meet the challenges in life, both personal and professional. Yoga helps provide a calm mind in all their pursuits starting right from public exams, entrance examinations like NEET, CAT etc to academics in college/universities – Medicine, Engineering, IIT, IIM, B-schools, CA.

Yoga helps mould the individual to open up their perspective in a broader sense that they will be great team builders, leaders of the future.

Benefits of

Student Yoga Program

A calm mind can win over any situation at ease, and that’s what Yoga has gifted to humanity.

Students carry the burden to prove themselves to the society. They are working tirelessly to fulfill the dreams of their schools, teachers and parents. This in-turn becomes very stressful for them, leading them into obesity, social avoidance, addiction, depression and even suicidal & run-away tendencies.

Yoga is a wonderful way to relax the everyday stress. Yoga helps prepare ourselves for a long day with the right energy and perfect attitude. Yoga helps in balancing the hormones, which is the need of the hour for teenagers. This will help them in making right choices and hence avoid onset of any addictions like drugs, smoke, drinks etc.

Yoga asanas have proven to boost positive energy, confidence and happiness. Yoga helps the practitioner to stay away from stress, low moods, dullness, depression.


The students will get individual certificates from the Ministry of AYUSH Government of India when they complete the course.

Dakshin Yoga Kendra will extend all the support to organize and conduct of International Day of Yoga (IDY) every year. Educational institution will be honoured with certificate from Ministry of AYUSH Government of India and Dakshin Yoga Kendra. Also, individual Certificates will be provided for the student participants.

The certificate will add flavour to the resume of students.

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